Myrtle Beach Angel Trees
Thank you for your interest in helping create a brighter future for our kids - teens from all over SC - who are recovering from abuse and neglect. We welcome donations and contributions of any kind - especially your time!
If you'd like to volunteer in addition to contributing in any of the following ways, please contact our Center directly at 843-369-0200 to arrange!
Donate a Car or Boat: 
If you're considering donating a car or boat, we'd be thrilled to accept. Not only do we teach basic car care and upkeep to our boys as a necessary life skill, but charitable car donations serve to provide our older residents who are transitioning to life on their own with reliable transportation to work and school!
Make a Monetary Donation:
A.  Paypal 
You can donate money by sending payment to: [email protected] 
B.  Network for Good
Simply click on the button below and it will take you to the payment page.  You will also find quality information on the Center's non-profit status, tax filings, etc. on this page.
C.  Check by Mail or Pickup 
Donations can be mailed to:   PO Box 3293, Conway, SC 29528 or you can call us for a check pickup at (843) 369-0200.