Myrtle Beach Angel Trees

Software for the computers (e.g. Microsoft Student )
Twin Size Mattress Covers
Disinfectant spray(e.g. Lysol)
condiments ( Honey Mustard, Ranch, Mayo)
Air Filters (10x10, 12x12, 14x14)
canned fruit and veggies
fresh fruit
Meat for Meals
Sandwich Meat
Individual serving beverages(preferably not sodapop)
breakfast items
Grub Club Members (prepare meals to be scheduled and delivered for supper)
laundry detergent
Incentives (Gift Cards)
Paper towels
dish washing liquid
Kool Aid/Drink Mixes
Ziplock Bags (Gallon) & Foil
boxers (all sizes)
white t shirts
acne wash/treatment
utensils for cooking/serving
pots and pans
Pinsol( or other good strong scented floor clearer)
swiffer wet refills
9 Volt Batteries
49-55 Gallon Trash Bags
Dish Scrubbers